Stephanie on the Eurostar Train in France

Stephanie on the Eurostar Train in France


Stephanie Mae "Stevie" Foster is a freelance stylist, fashion blogger, artist, and musician living in Los Angeles, California. As a LA transplant, she has roots in North/South Dakota and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Foster currently runs a fashion and personal style photoblog through her Instagram account It’s Just Stevie and as well as a full online fashion and design blog TOPCOAST.

Stephanie attended the Université de Picardie Jules Verne in Amiens, France where she studied French Language and Translation and completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree in French Language from Northern State University. It is during her time living and traveling Europe that her passion for photography and travel began. 

In her free time, Stevie plays the violin and enjoys spending time with her husband and cat. 

Stephanie received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art with Specializations in Painting & Sculpture from Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

'Twenty Seven Names for Tears' is Foster's most cohesive art series which consists of nine large format portrait paintings in which the subjects are crying. The garish colors and raw brushstrokes evoke feelings of discomfort and sadness in the viewer and cause reflection upon the common thread of humanity that ties everyone together.
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The artist's other notable works are sculptures which are heavily influenced by the Fluxus movement of the 1960's. Stephanie uses everyday materials within the confines of a box, suitcase or kit from which she creates an imaginary product designed to light the spark of a bigger question that will burn in the viewer's mind long after leaving the gallery space.
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